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Ed Hintz
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Sysadmin, Dad, homebrewer, unix dufus, deadhead, volunteer firefighter, student helicopter pilot, operatic tenor, Mac fan.

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Born and raised in San Diego, CA. Grew up a bit of a nerd, became a rabid sci-fi fan. Also sang as a Boy Soprano for St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral for about 6 years and did 3 productions with San Diego Opera. Sang for HRH Queen Elizabeth II when she came up the coast in her yacht-they stopped at St. Paul's for Sunday services. Impressive to a 12 year old.

Got a gig in Los Angeles as a Bassist for a Russian Jesus crispy rocker who'd done time in the Gulags for preaching Christianity during Soviet times, we were supposed to tour the USSR but financing fell through. Ended up in another band, and decided to go to El Camino College for some voice lessons to make me a better singer for the band. In '92 I traveled with the Jane Hardester Singers (ECC's premiere choir at the time) to Wales to take part in the Lllangollen International Eistedfodd-and sang for HRH QE II for the second time.

While in Los Angeles I met my wonderful wife Samantha, and we've been together ever since, through the good and the bad. I love her dearly and deeply, and am looking forward to sitting on the porch with her in 30 years or so, drinking a beer and reminiscing about our life together.

3 years later I transferred to the University of Texas at Austin, with a scholarship in Operatic Vocal Performance... Samantha joined me about 9mos later, and after living together 6mos we became officially married by the (quite relaxed) laws of the State of Texas. Got disillusioned with Opera during my time at UT, and found out Apple Computer was hiring for tech support phone monkeys. Did that for 2.5 years, ultimately ending up at a new call center in Sacramento.

Drove my 1970 Volkswagen bus from Austin to the Arctic Ocean and back via California outbound and Yellowstone on the return, 7.5 weeks and 12,000 miles, during Summer Break in 1996. The Canadian portion of the trip was with 13 other VW buses, all of us members of a VW mailing list. 'Twas a wonderful experience.

Our son Hunter was born on 30 December 1997, while I was working for Apple in Austin. Also drifted away from NA after moving to Texas, and became a beer fan. Bailed from Sacto to the SFBA in mid-99, started working as a Unix Sysadmin. Became a homebrewer as well.

I'm proud to say I was very involved with the movement to free Dmitry Skylarov, though frankly our grassroots work didn't amount to jack in the end (a high end lawyer working pro-bono was what aborted that miscarriage of justice, our hard work was utterly ignored by the Justice Department). I still exchange the odd email with Dmitry and Oxana on occasion, and would someday like to visit them in Moscow.

Also during this time I discovered Unitarian/Universalists, and have been fairly regularly attending, esp. in the last year or so. It's one of the few organized religions where I can be agnostic without issue, but still be involved with the greater social good.

Making a unixy salary allowed me to take up a long term interest in flying, and I learned to fly Helicopters. Meanwhile, I'd had a love of New Zealand since first hearing of it after my grandparents visited in '93, and had a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the US in general and Generalissimo El Busho in particular. In 2003 we sold our house, packed up, and moved to Wellington with a pocket full of cash and a 9mo tourist visa, hoping to find a job and get a work permit... Did it... On 29 January 2005 we finally got permanent residency, come Nov. 2006 we'll be working on citizenship...

Also while in New Zealand, I took up another long time interest and became a Volunteer Firefighter with the Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade, of the New Zealand Fire Service. I went operational on 29 August 2004 and am really enjoying both the technical challenge as well as the community service aspect of it.

I'm also a committee member of the Wellington Macintosh Society, and I ran the first Tivo service emulator for New Zealand for 1.5yrs, though I passed the torch on that in Sep 2005... And, I've gotten involved in Opera again, singing choruses for NBR New Zealand Opera. Good fun.

That about covers it up to date (30 Sep 2005). The story continues...

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