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Ed Hintz

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Aint it a small world.... [01 Jul 2012|04:32pm]
Ok, amusing story. 10 Jun 1986. Me and my stoner pal Jim head to Ozzy/Metallica. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/metallica/1986/san-diego-sports-arena-san-diego-ca-33d6d49d.html This is only 3 mos before Cliff died, so it's even more memorable for that reason (as if seeing Metallica at their peak isn't memorable enough). But even at the time, Jim and I are both thrashers (he's a bit more hardcore than I am, into Venom/Celtic Frost and such, while I stuck with Metallica/Anthrax). Ozzy of course is sorta losing the plot at this point (Ultimate Sin). Too poppy and glam, hairspray and sequins. He's still Ozzy; respect. But.. y'know. So. Jim and I are there, toking some wacky tobaccy, and when Metallica hit the stage it's mayhem. We're violently headbanging, screaming all the lyrics, and generally having a grand ol' time going batshit crazy. Behind us, these 4 hot chicks are just baffled. Like, what's up with these crazy bastards? Da hell? Metallica finish, then Ozzy hits it. Jim and I... Meh. But those 4 hotties? Going batshit. Always thought that was a funny contrast.

Earlier today, I was looking at Cliff 'Em All. Which has footage of that Ozzy tour. Samantha Hughes recognized it. Turns out, 3 days later they played a 3 day run at Long Beach Arena, and she and her girlfriend were at it. Now, she's an old school punker. She'd never heard of Metallica, but when they hit the stage she got it-their punk influences caught her attention right off, and she was interested. Her friend? Not so much. Wanted to go hit on boys. So yeah, she and her friend (more her friend, really) would likely be the slightly confused chicks to some small number of intense thrasher boys somewhere in Los Angeles... Rather funny to find out, some 25 years after the fact, that your wife also got to see the legend that was Cliff Burton... Even if she didn't really recognize the honor for what it is... :)
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All hail the crazy... [28 Jun 2012|12:57pm]
'Cause the crazy gets shit done...

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Def Leppard of the 70's [27 Jun 2012|10:50am]
Dave Ellefson has been doing an interesting string of handycam behind the scenes updates of Megadeth on tour (see yootoobs). He's just done one from Moscow, where during the soundcheck one of the guitar techs is doodling Cheap Trick's ballad "The Flame". Which led to some pondering of Cheap Trick, and the following revelation...

Cheap Trick are the Def Leppard of the 70's. No, really. Had that hard rock thing going on (witness the kickass Budokan recording), but also had the pop sensibility, particularly on studio releases. Arguably the metaphor even continues with later years, where both sort of lost their heavy roots in a sea of mediocre hard-ish pop.
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Remapping gang turf: Math model used for mapping chimp territories applies [26 Jun 2012|11:56am]
Gangbangers act like chimps. Quelle surprise.

Remapping gang turf: Math model used for mapping chimp territories applies
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Van Halen [25 Jun 2012|09:09am]
/me checks out the Van Halen, curious what this iteration sounds like
/me ponders Dave looking (and sounding) more than just a bit past it

Sam: Oh my god! It's Pat Boone!

Ouch. But, it's a fair cop, gov. Also. See about 10 min in. Dave totally berates one of the stage hands. Smooth move, ExLax. What an ass.

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The Prisoner is back! [24 Jun 2012|12:45pm]
Ooooh! Maiden brought back The Prisoner for the first time since 1991! Squee!

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LT! [19 Jun 2012|11:56am]
Sporting my LT jersey today, as LT signed a one day contract with the San Diego Chargers and announced his retirement from the NFL.

For the Kiwis... LaDanian Tomlinson broke NFL (gridiron) records left and right during his 9 years as a Charger, which is why I'm all fanboy. And for the yanks (and kiwi gridiron fans)... Check out the hallowed company he's in. Jim Brown. Emmit Smith. Barry Sanders. Walter Payton. Marcus Allen.

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Our former president [16 Jun 2012|10:00am]
Displays excellent musical taste...

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NIB, Sweden, with Geezer and Slash [08 Jun 2012|11:41am]
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Gig! Gig! [25 May 2012|03:27pm]
SABADO, SABADO, SABADO!!! Las bandas excelentes!! *RED DAWN* 1600, Waterfront Bar Raumati!


Translation: we're playing Kapiti Music Marathon ... And I really wanted the flavor of the old school monster truck/Sabado Gigante cheese in my announcement... Example below in case the style never made it into Kiwiana...

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Fall has fallen [22 May 2012|01:00pm]
Crisp fall AM == nice ride. Prolly about 50f/10c on the ride in this AM, but clear and sunny. Nice and bracing day for a ride. Makes wearing all the leather a good thing. On a hot summer day it's rather stifling in all the gear.
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Prosopagnosia, I haz itz [19 May 2012|10:56am]

Along with a few other symptoms of Aspergers and High Functioning Autism, I definitely have this. Particularly with folks I don't see regularly; I need some sort of contextual cue to figure it out. Point being, if you run into me somewhere random (like, anywhere other than where we may normally cross paths-and even where we do cross paths if we haven't for a long time), I may seem like a complete stuck up dick. I'm not. I'm just totally unable to figure out why you look slightly familiar for some nagging reason. And because I don't quite have the ability to properly place it, I'm probably hoping you'll come over and give me some sort of clue-if you don't, I'll just figure I've got you mistaken with somebody else (who I also can't quite place)...

It's rather a pain in the ass, really.

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Why live music won't die [18 May 2012|04:48pm]
Props to danjite for the link.

Good writeup. Opera context, and how the live performance has that magik that recordings do not. Some damned good work by Gilmore in her met debut as well. This illustrates well the pure showboat skill styling (also popular with Yngwie, Paganini, etc). The other side of that coin was brilliantly mined by The Grateful Dead; individual musicianship was sometimes a bit ho-hum, but the collaborative creative on-the-spot output would often take an average song and turn it into a spectacular live moment. That's partly why so many (including yours truly) devoted years to touring, just to catch those moments.

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Good and bad news all in one shot [16 May 2012|04:27pm]
The good news: Hunter made the Onslow Jr Physics team, and will go to Hobart AU to partake in the competition.

The bad news: Now we gotta come up with a wad of cash to get him there...
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First gene therapy successful against aging-associated decline: Mouse lifespan extended up to 24% wi [15 May 2012|05:39pm]
For some time now I've generally thought that we're getting close to the point that people no longer need die from natural aging. I kinda suspect that it will happen within my lifetime, but that initially only the stupidly rich will get it. Therefore, a reasonable chance I'll cark it from age and lack of funds, but I think Hunter's got a pretty good shot at effective immortality, if he wants it.

First gene therapy successful against aging-associated decline: Mouse lifespan extended up to 24% with a single treatment
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Best way to wake up the kids [15 May 2012|01:37pm]
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Real smart: Protective clothing with built-in A/C [15 May 2012|12:01pm]
This sort of thing would be most welcome in Level2 structure firefighting gear.

Real smart: Protective clothing with built-in A/C
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Science! [13 May 2012|06:09pm]
Junior Physics Project: without external apparatus, find the most efficient way to drain fluid from a bottle

After research and discussion, the researcher concluded the primary bottleneck(sic) to efficiency is pressure equalization between the vessel and ambient. Therefore, in consultation with the researchers Grandfather, it was determined best performance could be achieved in a vacuum. Due to the unfortunate lack of naturally occurring vacuums, the next best solution was found to be creation of a vortex.

Experiments were carried out using previously loved bottles of Stella Artois, Monteith's Summer Ale, and Waiwera water, 300ml, 330ml and 1.5l respectively.

Initial averages of results indicate the creation of a vortex resulted in a performance improvement of approximately 50-60%.

At the conclusion of the tests, the assistant carried out a further test, consuming the contents of a 330ml bottle of Monteith's Summer Ale. The results were approximately 50% less efficient than pouring the fluid down the drain, but observations indicate considerably more pleasurable for the assistant. Insufficient experiments were performed to ascertain whether the researcher's chanting of "Ziggy socky ziggy socky hoi hoi hoi" during the experiment helped or hindered the assistants performance. Further experimentation is clearly required to clarify this important scientific principle.
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[13 May 2012|03:35pm]
At 4:50 in this clip-Fouts says he can only imagine getting hammered by Seau, wiseass in the crowd yells "ask Elway", and the place erupts. Brilliant.

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Seau memorial [12 May 2012|03:54pm]
Excellent moment from the Seau memorial... Dan Fouts (who retired 3 yrs before Seau joined the team) talked about how he could only imagine how it felt as a QB getting plowed over by Seau and then laying there on the turf watching Seau's victory dance. John Elway attended the memorial (class act for a donkey, by the way); somebody in the stands hollered out "Ask Elway!". Nice. Speaking of class: LT was excellent, and so was Spanos announcing the official retirement of #55.
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