Ed Hintz (ehintz) wrote,
Ed Hintz


We've been hard at work on several new songs. 2 are in the final stages of polish now. Below are lyrics for Prisoner, inspired by the awesome 1967 TV series "The Prisoner":

Welcome home we're glad you're here
We're all your friends please have no fear
But just which side do you align
Tell me lad why did you resign?

You won't get your information from me
It's not as simple as A B or C
You'll find this mind you can't pillage
Where in hell is The Village

That would be telling we want information
By hook or by crook we'll know your resignation
We'll do it the hard way if you wish that's fine
Tell me lad why did you resign?

Don't be difficult Number Six
You don't want me to open my bag of tricks
Your vain attempt to flee is over
At the edge of the village you'll meet Rover
I've sympathy my boy I do
But you'll submit to Number Two
One way left for such a man resolute
One of us will break degree absolute

I'm a free man you will never own me
Try to hold me you'll regret it you'll see
I've got your number arrogant Two
I'll Be Seeing You

We're all prisoners here setting pretty on their shelf
Questions are a burden answers a prison to ones self
You'll find this mind you can't pillage
Where in hell is The Village?
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