Ed Hintz (ehintz) wrote,
Ed Hintz

Doom is nigh

Ok. The first time I heard Crazy Train, Muzak version, in a real live elevator, I knew it was bad. But friends, I'm afraid to say, doom is at hand. On 14 August, something worse than the Mayan calendar debacle will hit us. An album of nice peaceful lullabies... Written by *SLAYER*. Yes, you heard me. The fine evil music of Slayer, in soothing lullaby form.

I think, when the fundamentalists said Slayer would bring the end times upon us, they didn't mean this. This could be the day that Metal finally well and truly jumps the shark. Woe, woe is us. "Daddy, what's the nice soothing song?" "Oh, Son, that's Angel Of Death, a charming piece about Nazi atrocities in concentration camps! Sleep good now!" :D

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