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Ed Hintz's Journal
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Thursday, July 12th, 2012

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South Park do it again
Watching South Park last night. Looked up "I Am Chewbacca", because it is awesome. Noted that all the yootoob links were labeled "DVDA".

Sam: What does DVDA stand for?
Hunter: *google-fu* Double Vaginal Double Anal
Me: *raucous laughter*
Sam: Oh, South Park. You had my 14 year old son reading that to me. You always find a new way to burn...

Todd La Torre
Yeah, ok. The dude can do Tate circa '81-90 kickass. But this demo reel stands on it's own, he's not just a Tate imitator. I'm real interested in seeing what he does with Queensryche.

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