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Ed Hintz's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ed Hintz

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More words! [03 Oct 2012|06:51pm]
The other new tune for Bodega on Saturday is "Rootshell". Which is all l33t and stuffs. Our ode to network intrusion.

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Words! [17 Sep 2012|02:27pm]
We've been hard at work on several new songs. 2 are in the final stages of polish now. Below are lyrics for Prisoner, inspired by the awesome 1967 TV series "The Prisoner":

Welcome home we're glad you're here
We're all your friends please have no fear
But just which side do you align
Tell me lad why did you resign?

You won't get your information from me
It's not as simple as A B or C
You'll find this mind you can't pillage
Where in hell is The Village

That would be telling we want information
By hook or by crook we'll know your resignation
We'll do it the hard way if you wish that's fine
Tell me lad why did you resign?

Don't be difficult Number Six
You don't want me to open my bag of tricks
Your vain attempt to flee is over
At the edge of the village you'll meet Rover
I've sympathy my boy I do
But you'll submit to Number Two
One way left for such a man resolute
One of us will break degree absolute

I'm a free man you will never own me
Try to hold me you'll regret it you'll see
I've got your number arrogant Two
I'll Be Seeing You

We're all prisoners here setting pretty on their shelf
Questions are a burden answers a prison to ones self
You'll find this mind you can't pillage
Where in hell is The Village?
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You can't get the hell out of Texas [16 Sep 2012|09:45pm]
I am amused.

Hunter was born in Austin TX, about 130kms/79mi from The Alamo. He's grown up in California and New Zealand, pretty separated from his Texas birth. But. Yesterday, in "Lenah Valley AU", the snitching debit card told me he'd spent $35AU at "Grizzly Hatters". I was intrigued to see what headgear had been purchased. He trundled out of WLG international terminal today, returning from the physics competition, proudly sporting a Coonskin Cap. The very selfsame style that young Davy Crockett made famous before his untimely end at The Alamo. I guess you can take the boy out of Texas(a bloody long way out), but you can't take the Texas out of the boy, eh?
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Doom is nigh [11 Aug 2012|08:38am]
Ok. The first time I heard Crazy Train, Muzak version, in a real live elevator, I knew it was bad. But friends, I'm afraid to say, doom is at hand. On 14 August, something worse than the Mayan calendar debacle will hit us. An album of nice peaceful lullabies... Written by *SLAYER*. Yes, you heard me. The fine evil music of Slayer, in soothing lullaby form.

I think, when the fundamentalists said Slayer would bring the end times upon us, they didn't mean this. This could be the day that Metal finally well and truly jumps the shark. Woe, woe is us. "Daddy, what's the nice soothing song?" "Oh, Son, that's Angel Of Death, a charming piece about Nazi atrocities in concentration camps! Sleep good now!" :D

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First ever female NFL official at San Diego's Thursday night game [08 Aug 2012|10:18am]
Someday... I'd like to see some badass chicks playing in the NFL. Even if only at kicker or holder (in the lesser leagues this has happened). I could see a woman doing well at quarterback too, if given the chance. Perhaps wide receiver.

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Concealed carry in NZ [28 Jul 2012|04:24pm]
Question: anybody know the story on concealed carry in NZ? I've seen all the bits about how to obtain a firearms license, but the coppers webpage didn't say anything at all about concealed (I'm guessing maybe, therefore, it's just assumed under a standard license? Particularly given I've very rarely seen guns down here, which would tend to indicate concealed ones were around).
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Tarja sings purty [28 Jul 2012|09:43am]
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Pwned in style [26 Jul 2012|12:17pm]
Pwning SCADA systems is one thing... Blasting Thunderstruck on said pwned systems is epic. That's some serious style points there. \m/

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We are trapped like rats... [26 Jul 2012|11:36am]
Sam and I got our passports in 2002, preparing for the 2003 exploratory visit to NZ (we came here on holiday for a month in early '03, before emigrating at the end the year). US passports are good for 10 years; ours expire 31 July. So we had to send 'em off for renewal. Which means we're now trapped in NZ until we get them back and get the NZ residency visas re-issued. So all y'all in the states need to not die for a few weeks mm-kay? :P
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New model of disease contagion ranks US airports in terms of their spreading influence [24 Jul 2012|06:37pm]
LAX, spreading the disease since forever...

New model of disease contagion ranks US airports in terms of their spreading influence
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Jerusalem [21 Jul 2012|02:26pm]
Ian Anderson and Bruce Dickinson, xmas concert at Canterbury Cathedral. A resurrection(sic) of William Blake's Jerusalem, Iron Tull style (or would that be Jethro Maiden?). Very well done, actually.

I think I still prefer Sir Hubert Parry's version, but this is cool.
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Lord + Wakeman [18 Jul 2012|09:06am]
Oh man, what might have been. Apparently Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman were actively scheming on a project together, and then Lord got sick and that was all she wrote. There's a clip of them at Royal Albert Hall last year, and it's got hella promise. A studio project by these two would have been total keyboard magic. Cancer's a real bitch.

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RIP Jon Lord [17 Jul 2012|08:44am]
Jon Lord died today. Arguably the first to fuse metal and classical, he's forever one of the all time greats. His Hammond through Marshall stacks was epic.

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Dethklok on USS Midway [16 Jul 2012|10:52am]
Dethklok gig on the USS Midway hanger deck at San Diego Comic-Con. Extra style points for epic arrival by helicopter. But also epic fail points for getting out of said helicopter, standing tall, and throwing horns. That's a good way to loose a few fingers with an inopportune gust of wind.

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Todd La Torre [12 Jul 2012|05:23pm]
Yeah, ok. The dude can do Tate circa '81-90 kickass. But this demo reel stands on it's own, he's not just a Tate imitator. I'm real interested in seeing what he does with Queensryche.

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South Park do it again [12 Jul 2012|11:36am]
Watching South Park last night. Looked up "I Am Chewbacca", because it is awesome. Noted that all the yootoob links were labeled "DVDA".

Sam: What does DVDA stand for?
Hunter: *google-fu* Double Vaginal Double Anal
Me: *raucous laughter*
Sam: Oh, South Park. You had my 14 year old son reading that to me. You always find a new way to burn...

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Israel’s pride at heavy metal soon going to be Turkish Citizens / Orphaned Land turn Turkish [10 Jul 2012|10:39am]
We need more of this in the world. I totally respect Orphaned Land's reaching out to the arab world, they probably do more for peace in the region than most politicians...

Israel’s pride at heavy metal soon going to be Turkish Citizens / Orphaned Land turn Turkish
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Employees' interests predict how they will perform on the job [07 Jul 2012|04:16pm]
Truth. I'm less interested in the resume (beyond demonstration of minimum competency) and more interested in the prospect's personal hobbies and such. The right person can easily be trained up to competency, but an already competent bad fit can never learn to be part of an alien culture. I speak from experience.

Employees' interests predict how they will perform on the job
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Aggies foil Westboro [07 Jul 2012|11:22am]
Ok. I'm a Longhorn. As such, I innately recognize Aggies as a lower life form, worthy of pity and ridicule. But... credit where credit is due. This is f**king awesome. Extra credit for the photo of the blokes with the cooler (which stereotypes would say should be full of beer (Shiner Bock?)) walking the line. Keepin' it real, Aggie style. Only way to make it better woulda been to include a contingent of Longhorns in solidarity.

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7.0 last night [04 Jul 2012|02:07pm]
Freaked out Hunter pretty good, he headed for a doorway, but Sam and I didn't get out of bed. Good shake tho. So far the only one that's ever really scared me was Northridge '94.

Interesting recording of the rumble, caught while doing an organ recording at St Pauls:

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